Premium Automotive Satire.


What is

Your local Tire Rack is probably more qualified to answer that. (And if your tires are, in fact, bald, please stop reading this page, get new tires installed, and continue reading where you left off.)

No, seriously.

This is a website dedicated to automotive satire, plain and simple. Don’t believe anything you read here, even on this very page.

So no real news stories here?

Nope. Nada. Zilch. It’s all fake. And if by any chance, real life ends up mimicking any of the articles posted here, I’m accepting job offers for fortune telling and Simpsons script writing.

Occasionally though, if I get bored of automotive satire, you might find the odd car review or tech related article gracing these pages instead.

How often can I expect to find new content here?

Once a week on average. Or subscribe to email updates to be notified the next time an article goes up, to save yourself the anguish of counting the days until a fresh post appears on the home page.

Can I submit my own ideas?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fully fleshed out satirical piece on the fall of an egomaniacal CEO or a half formed shower thought, your ideas are always welcome here. Credit will be given where it’s due.

Who are you, anyway?

Good question.