What is this blog?

This is an automotive satire site. Nothing here is to be taken seriously.

Are the opinions expressed on the site that of the author?

Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes opinions we don’t have are funnier than the ones we do.

Why do you not like Jalopnik?

We don’t like Jalopnik because it’s an automotive tabloid. We have no beef with their entire network, as we really like Clickhole and The Onion. However, we don’t like Jalopnik. They write poor quality content that we really don’t like reading. Do we have a problem with the people who write Jalopnik? No. We have a problem with what they write.

If I have an idea for an article can I send it to you?

Yes. Unless you plan on writing a body for it that gets approved of, you probably won’t be credited, though. If you write a funny headline and body, we can add you as a contributor so that you can post it directly to this blog (with writing credit of course).