Bald Tires Eleven Tips and Guidelines for Writing a Successful Piece of Automotive Satire

You may be interested in contributing to this blog, which we welcome. A lot of people would like to, but do not know where to start. Well, we have written a few guidelines and helpers to try and make it easier.


1. Articles must be funny. The headline should be the funniest part of the article.

2. Push the punchline of headline’s joke as far back as you can in the actual headline. If the person only realizes the headline is satire in the final word, that is ideal.

3. The headline and body must be at least somewhat based in reality. The more it is based in reality, the more clever it tends to be. This typically makes the article more popular.

4. Articles cannot depend on referencing another existing article. The headline and body must be independently funny.

5. Articles must not represent a strong opinion of the author, and must not be outwardly mocking towards a specific group of cars or enthusiasts. Poking fun is fine, insulting somebody is not. We are not here to write editorials, we are here to make people laugh.

6. The headline should flow well, while at the same time being as short as possible. This also goes for the body. Anything that is not essential to the narrative (besides a really good joke) should be left out.

7. Inspiration for articles can be found best by reading the comments on articles about enthusiast cars. Feedback on specific cars or brands can often be found here. Reddit is probably the best place for this.

8. Reading previous articles should give you a good idea of what we are looking for. Don’t be pressured to write exactly like our stuff, however. Your content, in the end, will be edited. Fresh ideas and perspectives are the most important part of you contributing.

9. Have a good idea for a headline but don’t know how to write a body for it? Save the headline as it may be a good joke for a body in the future. Try to give it a lot of thought, but don’t get caught up trying to febreeze a shit. I promise you (and the audience) will not be happy with the result.

10. Take your time. Don’t try to rush an article to publishing. I find the best articles practically write themselves. If you have any talent for writing whatsoever, you should be able to do this.

11. Keep your audience in mind, but always write content for you. You have to think it is funny. It is important the article is your vision.