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Porsche Recalls Certain Carrera GT Models Due to Concerns of Safety

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Porsche has initiated a recall for Carrera GT models produced between 2004 and 2005. This comes in response to reports that the affected model years had suspension tuning that provided optimal handling at the cost of improved safety.

“We sincerely apologize to Carrera GT owners who are affected,” a Porsche spokesperson wrote to us. “We consider anything that increases safety a severe detraction from the overall driving experience.”

Often considered the pinnacle of automotive engineering, the Carrera GT was designed to be as unsafe as legally possible. In light of the reports, enthusiasts across social media have mocked Porsche, with #CarreraGenerallyTame and #WidowFaker trending on automotive Twitter.

“People bought the Carrera GT to feel mortal, to feel consequence, to feel human,” the spokesperson continued, even though we had stopped caring at this point. “We have to make this right.”

Porsche notoriously made having a deal with the devil a requirement to receive a Carrera GT allocation. “This amazing machine only has room for so much soul.”

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