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Preordered F150 Lightnings Actually Just EcoBoost F150s with iPhone Chargers Included

Ford F150 Lightning

Early customers have discovered that the F150 Lightning isn’t quite what Ford advertised it as.

The marque’s hottest new pickup launched for preorders in May 2021, touting over 300 miles of easy driving between pit stops. With looks that retain nearly all of the styling motifs of the standard F150, down to the misaligned headlights, it defines Detroit’s bleeding edge of automotive design. 

Many owners have reported that the frunk contains an EcoBoost engine, though a social media rep for the automaker assured that it was just there ‘as a gift with the purchase’. Those who removed the engine found that the trunk would no longer start, at least until it was returned to its position. And hidden in the centre console, a number of owners have found a stack of Apple’s Lightning cables, also free of charge to buyers.

“When it came time to designing the F150 Lightning, we knew we had to include Lightning charging cables for all you filthy iOS users,” Ford designer Josh Henry posted on Instagram. (It appears this was posted courtesy of Instagram’s Android client.)

We asked some buyers about their experience with the Lightning.

“I couldn’t believe how normal the F150 Lightning was,” one owner noted. “I even got a check engine light before I made it around the block.”

In related news, Elon Musk has announced that starting in model year 2024, Tesla cars will charge from your credit card directly, skipping pesky intermediaries like the Supercharger network.

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  1. Great post! I found it surprising that some early customers have discovered that the F150 Lightning didn’t quite meet Ford’s advertised features. It’s interesting that some owners have discovered a stack of Apple’s Lightning cables in the centre console. Do you think Ford purposely included the EcoBoost engine in the frunk for buyers or was it simply a mistake?
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