Lexus Executive Says Selling LFAs Is Harder Than Overzealous Tesla Enthusiasts Seeing Their Own Reflection

This article was originally published by Peter Holderith on January 20, 2019. Here‘s an archived version of the article.

We recently sat down with the Head of Lexus Dealership Operations for North America to get his take on the 3 unsold LFAs still in the United States.

Why does he think the supercars are such a tough sell?

“Well, I don’t know. It handles great, has a good transmission, it’s a Lexus so it’s super reliable, and it has the best sounding engine ever put into a production car.”

“Hell, it doesn’t even look half bad.”

“Did you guys watch the Doug Demuro video about it?”

We shook our heads.

“My main man Doug was practically sweating when he saw how many owners manuals there were.”

“Did you see his face when he gave it the beans? Doug looked like he transcended another plane of existence.”

“Looked like his spirit left his body”

Is Lexus corporate pushing to sell the last three?

“Yeah. Hell yeah. I already bought like 4.”

“Problem is that selling these things is about as hard as a new Telsa owner seeing himself in a mirror.”

“Or my man Doug when he sees a Saab 900.”

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