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People Still Complaining About New Supra In Alternate Universe Where Toyota Just Re-released The Mk IV

This article was originally published by Peter Holderith on January 19, 2019. Here‘s an archived version of the article.

After inventing a machine that would take us to a parallel universe, B/T decided to use it to find a universe where Toyota just re-released the Mark IV Supra instead of making a new one. We decided to go on a few Toyota forums to get people’s opinions.

One user started, “I’m just confused. Why would they re-release the old one and just call it new? Couldn’t they have made a new version with an updated engine?”

Another user responded, “Yeah. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The FT-1 concept they put out looked great. Why couldn’t they just modify that concept and put a new turbo straight six in that?”

Then, a user who had bought one of the “new” Supras entered the thread.

“I agree with both of you guys. I mean this car is cool and its nice to be able to buy an old Supra, but it’s still an old Supra. Why wouldn’t they try to make an updated version? Doesn’t BMW make a turbo straight six? Why wouldn’t they just put that motor in?”

The original user responded, “Yeah, and the old Supra’s looks are sort of an acquired taste. The new FT-1 looked so much better. Aren’t they making a new Z4? Couldn’t they have just co-developed that chassis? I mean people would complain it ‘wasn’t really’ a Toyota, but then the new Z4 would also ‘not really be a BMW’, right?”

The original user then ended the thread,

“I mean, I would kill for a new Supra co-developed with BMW. Who better to go to for a straight six, rear-wheel-drive sports car? Even if it wasn’t totally Toyota, isn’t a good car a good car no matter who makes it?”

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