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Lexus Announces It Stopped Sales of the RC350 Three Years Ago But No One Noticed

In a surprising move, Lexus officials have announced that the RC350 coupe was actually removed from order books back in 2019, and they didn’t say anything to see how long it took for people to realize it had disappeared.

“The RC represented the pinnacle of Lexus standards,” Andrew Gilleland stated in a shareholder brief. “We value cars that are subtle, quiet, and comfortable, and make business decisions in the same way. So the most graceful exit we could give the RC was one that wasn’t made public.”

An anonymous insider added, “Originally, it was planned as an April Fools prank by the web dev team on HQ, but everyone just kinda rolled with it.”

Our sources suggest that a new coupe is in the works to replace the RC. Reportedly, it will use the same engine and platform, and might even share the same name.

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