is Back! Sort Of

If you can see this page, congratulations! Your internet connection is working, you’ve hopefully got the right prescription of glasses, and the upcoming apocalypse hasn’t interrupted your morning coffee yet.

Though it has interrupted You see, this website was originally launched by Peter Holderith (_baldtires on Twitter) back in 2019 as a means to bring some comedy into the automotive world. A very noble mission it was. And that mission was largely successful, for a period of time that could be approximated as roughly one point five elephant pregnancies. Or a few human ones.

Until the domain wasn’t renewed.

Peter’s instead been delivering quality content over at (his articles are fantastic, give them a read some time). But that meant that the site took a trip to the same part of the internet where your old MySpace profile went. And along with it, all the articles disappeared too.

This website is an attempt at restoring most of what Peter created. It’s also a way for me to write my own automotive satire articles.

Over time, I hope to have all of the old articles posted up here, with credit given where it’s due. Along with Peter, Ryan Lowe, Brock England, and a handful of other contributors made the go to source for automotive satire (at least, until Top Gear entered the niche with its own articles).

Stay tuned for more posts, and until then, drive safe!

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