Why No Posts?

After an old article got popular on Reddit again, a user suggested I update you all on why there haven’t been any posts for some time. It’s a pretty simple story so I’ll keep it short.

In a nutshell, doing these articles allowed me to get a job as a legitimate auto journalist at The Drive. Over a year ago at this point I joined as the site’s Night Editor, and then advanced to a full time staff writer position. Since joining The Drive, I’ve written articles like the search to find Big Red, among others. It’s a great place to work, the entire staff is very concerned about what our readers are saying, and we read r/cars frequently.

Needless to say, that takes up most of my time, and it’s hard to write these articles as a result. I really had to think about different comedy angles on news items all the time to keep up the schedule I used to. I’m sorry I can’t do it more often. Auto media as a whole is definitely lacking much-needed comedy and I enjoyed adding what I did.

There may eventually be more posts, it’s just hard for me to find the time to write them. I really do appreciate all of the kind words I’ve received throughout my journey on this website.

If you’re an email subscriber, stay subbed just in case, I don’t want to count this site out completely. If you want to reach me, peter@thedrive.com is a good place to send anything. I’m also on Twitter @_baldtires if you’re active on that site. I still post satire headlines there every now and then.


Peter Holderith

3 thoughts on “Why No Posts?

  1. Just glad to hear you’re in good health. It’s always a bit concerning when a content creator disappears without warning.


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