Dynamic Side Graphics Transform Bland RV Styling Into Immersive Modern Art Experience

EUGENE, OR — Capturing the gaze of even the most casual observers, a 2004 Winnebago Suncruiser’s side graphics were reported to have transformed the RV’s styling from a dreary snooze festival into an immersive modern art experience.

The motorized recreational vehicle drew a small crowd of pedestrians as it came to a stop at a traffic signal.

“You can just lose yourself in those flowing lines, said an onlooker, astonished. “I actually thought I was staring at the natural landscape at first.”

“To me, it represents freedom,” said another pedestrian. “Freedom of movement, of expression. It’s just so abstract.”

One member of the crowd drew a comparison between the motor home and a nearby city bus, as the two vehicles share a basic design philosophy.

“Look at that thing. It’s just a box,” she said, referring to the public transit coach. “That Winnebago, though, utterly captures my imagination.”

“I wouldn’t even go anywhere if I had one,” she continued. “That artwork is plenty scenic.”

At press time, the crowd had reportedly migrated to gawk at the appearance of a new Audi A8 with a horizontal light bar adorning the rear.

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