Back to its Roots: Fast and Furious 10 Just About Shoplifting A Slim Jim From a Central Pennsylvania Sheetz

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly on Sunday, Vin Diesel informed the press that the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise would take a different direction as compared to the latest films in the series. Being more in line with the original movie, Fast 10 will be a shorter, less ambitious film with much lower stakes.

“Think of it like an even lighter version of the first film” Diesel told EW. “This time around, we’re not even going for TVs or DVD players. We’re gonna try and steal a Slim Jim from the counter of a Sheetz in Central Pennsylvania. That’s the mission.”

When asked about the exciting new vehicles that would be in this film, Diesel was surprisingly open to sharing details of the cars, despite a trailer for the upcoming film being unreleased as of writing.

“Yeah we’re moving in the other direction there as well. I drive an absolutely shot-out 1983 Mercury Cougar for most of the movie, and my co-star Michelle Rodriguez drives around in her Mom’s Honda Element with Autozone wheel covers and a hole in the muffler.

“And a little spoiler here, we actually don’t get away from the cops this time. The Cougar loses oil pressure and spins a bearing about halfway though. Letty’s mom also needs her car back to go pick up a prescription. We spend most of the movie in a local lockup for a night before our parents come and get us.”

When asked if Diesel thinks this change of pace will effect the film’s reception, he seemed unsure of what EW was getting at.

“What? I mean, it’s a Fast movie. We certainly go fast—I mean, kind of—and I mean I definitely get Furious.”

“I think other people get furious too—the other cast members.”

“I’m sorry, can you repeat the question?”

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