Discarded Paper Towel that Once Absorbed Oil Leaking From a 1988 Porsche 911 Sells on Bring a Trailer for $65,000

FREMONT, CA — Symbolizing the exploding vintage Porsche collector market, a discarded two-ply Bounty paper towel that was once used to collect leaking oil from beneath a 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera S in Guards Red sold on Bring a Trailer last night for $65,000 plus site fees.

The artifact includes official documentation from Porsche confirming the leaked oil stains on the paper towel indeed came from a 911. An oil analysis was also performed on the stain to ensure its authenticity.

“The condition of this cloth is remarkable,” said an appraiser. “It appears to have been permanently stored in a climate-controlled garage, and it is preserved beautifully as a result.”

“It must have been beneath additional layers of cloth, which would have absorbed much of the fluid,” he continued. “That’s why this particular paper towel is in such good shape. 911s leak oil like Niagara Falls, so we’re lucky the towel isn’t completely soiled.”

The seller had set a $50,000 reserve on the auction and said he was very confident the item would sell.

“I knew there would be a bidding war for this thing,” the seller remarked. “Anything ‘Porsche’ sells. Though, I will admit I wasn’t expecting to get 65.”

The buyer seemed pleased with his purchase and he relayed he was eager to expand his collection.

“Maybe one day I’ll get a paper towel with 930 Turbo oil leak stains on it,” he speculated, “but I can’t afford that right now. Those will probably go into the six figure range.”

2 thoughts on “Discarded Paper Towel that Once Absorbed Oil Leaking From a 1988 Porsche 911 Sells on Bring a Trailer for $65,000

  1. I knew I should have bought that discarded towel from that ‘87 in 2016! I guess I’ll stick to searching for discarded rags from 996s… but only listings with IMS history, of course.


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