Ford Insists Scheduling Bronco Debut on O.J. Simpson’s Birthday Was Not Strategy to Further Postpone Long-Anticipated Launch

DETROIT — Defending themselves from allegations of insensitivity to cultural concerns, Ford announced last Saturday they have postponed the launch of the hotly anticipated new Bronco to a few days after O.J. Simpson’s birthday, and that they “swear we didn’t do this just to push the launch back more.”

The announcement comes after repeated, substantial pushback of the Bronco’s reveal date. Issues ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to production challenges have delayed the unveiling countless times in the last several months.

“We are well aware of the controversy surrounding the seemingly indefinite postponement of this product launch,” said a Ford executive at a press conference. “However, we urge the public to understand that this postponement is purely coincidental.”

“We were actually totally aware the launch date coincided with Simpson’s birthday,” he continued. “We thought it would be a pretty cool way to celebrate.”

Later, the spokesperson leaked details related to the off-road SUV’s capability, claiming the Bronco has been designed to clear obstacles of up to the first degree.

Surveys from SUV enthusiasts appeared to indicate the outcome of the launch would cause a deeply rooted divide between Ford Bronco and Chevrolet Blazer fans.

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