NBCUniversal Purchases Screen Time on GM Infotainment Systems

NBCUniversal has announced that it will pay $3.2 billion to acquire viewing rights for infotainment screens across the entire GM lineup. Every new GM vehicle will now be required to show a certain amount of NBCUniversal content in order to pass state inspections.

“You know those annoying ads being blasted out of gas pumps these days? Every car on the road has one of those screens in the dash, so this is a no-brainer,” said Matt Bond, head of video content distribution at NBCUniversal, as he drove us to a popular lunch spot.

When we asked if streaming video content to infotainment screens while people are driving would be dangerous to other drivers, Bond couldn’t be bothered to look up from his phone as he casually forced a cyclist onto the shoulder with his SUV.

“What? Oh, yeah, we’ll do the standard thing, give people premium content for the first 30 days then start the subscription rollout. We want as many eyes on screens as possible. I mean, which would you rather watch, the 405 at rush hour or new episodes of Picard?”

Although full level 4 autonomous vehicles are still, according to some, as much as decades away, Bond thinks the current state of the market is rife for disruption.

“After this rolls out, we have plans to start working on commercials for the heads-up display.”

“The future really does look bright.”

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