Jatco CVT Ditches 2021 Nissan Pathfinder

Citing widespread issues and complaints as the reason for the separation, Jatco has confirmed its CVT will no longer use a 2021 Nissan Pathfinder, which will instead feature a more traditional nine-speed automatic.

“We had some serious quality concerns,” said a Jatco spokesman about the three-row crossover SUV. “Numerous owners reported catastrophic failure at as low as 50,000 miles.”

Indeed, many disgruntled customers were eager to express their frustration.

“I didn’t know much about cars when I bought mine,” said an owner of a 2018 model that had recently been rittled with issues. “I didn’t realize this thing came with a Pathfinder.”

“I knew something felt off when I test-drove one,” said a would-be customer who ended up with a Honda Pilot instead. “Then I did more research, and it turns out almost all Jatcos use Nissans.”

“They’re gonna kill their brand image if they don’t stop using these pieces of shit for everything,” said a local mother of four.

Jatco has hinted it intends to phase out other Nissan products in the near future, with Subaru’s offerings likely to follow.

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