Porsche Offers to Delay Payments for New Vehicles for as Long as Six Minutes

Offering incentives for customers affected by the pandemic to purchase the brand’s current offerings, Porsche announced Friday they are offering delayed payment plans on all new in-stock models for a period of up to six minutes from the date of acquisition. We spoke with local orthodontist Glenn Owens, who recently took advantage of the promotion.

“I’ve been wanting a 911 for about 50 years now,” he said. “Ever since I was a toddler.”

Owens recounted his experience at Porsche of Los Gatos, California, where the transaction which led to his ownership of brand new 992-generation 911 transpired.

“I was just kinda window shopping,” he said, “when a salesman approached me and told me about the promotion.”

“Then, I saw a Carrera S with the options I wanted. All seventy-five thousand dollars worth of them.”

Owens and the salesperson promptly began the negotiation process, and an agreement was reached. One condition specified the first monthly payment was to be deducted at 3:26:33 P.M. on Saturday, April 11, 2020, precisely six minutes after all paperwork was completed.

As Owens stood up and proceeded to leave, the salesman glanced at his watch and began rapidly tapping his foot.

“Five minutes thirty!” He shouted as Owens walked out the showroom’s front door.

Owens entered his new vehicle and began configuring the multitude of settings to his liking, a process that took several minutes to complete. He then set off and drove away from the dealership when a notification from his bank appeared on the infotainment screen.


Owens returned to the dealership and explained that the economic consequences of the pandemic had unexpectedly lingered beyond the initial six-minute grace period.

He re-entered negotiations with the salesman, and they ultimately agreed the next payment would not be collected for another thirty seconds.

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