Ford F250 Discontinued After Homophobic Tweets From 2007 Resurface on Vehicle’s Social Media

The first automobile to fall victim to cancel culture, the Ford F250 was discontinued late Sunday evening after tweets containing homophobic slurs were discovered on the truck’s social media account. Ford says they are “extremely sorry” about the incident and that, “No other Ford vehicles have ever uttered such offensive, hateful language.”

The tweets–which have all since been deleted–made several crude and insensitive remarks pertaining to the sexual orientation of both Chevrolet and Dodge Ram trucks.

“We assure the public that these remarks are in the vehicle’s past,” said a Ford representative. “Since those insensitive tweets in 2007, the F250 has befriended and maintained tremendous respect for many Subaru products. It has gotten past that ugly phase in it’s life.”

The F250 was recently seen at several pride parades, seeming to realize that it’s past might catch up to it. Despite these preventative measures taken by one of America’s most popular pickups, Ford officially ended production this weekend.

“We will not tolerate such language in our lineup, whether it was said yesterday or a decade ago. The sexual orientation of any Dodge or Chevrolet truck is their own business. Whatever it may be, it should be celebrated.”

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