J.D. Power & Associates Warns, “It’s not funny” to Survey Participant who Answered Every Question with “1947 Studebaker Commander”

TROY, MI.–The company famous as the subject of thousands of Toyota Camry commercials has issued a public warning to an unruly survey participant. Filling out the rankings for “Best Car 2020,” Ron Pittman of Shippingport, PA allegedly wrote “1949 Studebaker Commander” as the answer for every single question. J.D. Power was not amused.

“These rankings–especially those pertaining to initial quality and reliability–must be taken seriously,” said a company spokesperson. “Otherwise, what would prospective Jeep buyers have to ignore?”

The last time a situation like this occured, J.D. power had a similar response. The respondent they previously took issue with was not as vocal, however.

“What are they gonna do, quit making those annoying Chevy commercials?” said Pittman.

“The Studebaker Commander is also the best car ever made so, I’m not being dishonest, or anything.”

As It turns out, his wife Deborah signed up to receive the survey when they bought a new CR-V last year. Ron just happened to see the letter in the mail first. Sources confirmed Pittman actually does own a 1947 Studebaker Commander, so it didn’t take him long to come up with his responses.

“I’ve had this baby since 1972,” he said patting the hood of his Stude’. “You can fix any problem with a rusty flathead screwdriver and an oily rag. Not like these new cars where the whole engine is cast out of plastic.”

“As long as they keep sending Debby these surveys, I’ll keep filling them out.” he told us, laughing. “I take my Studebakers very seriously.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Pittman, J.D. Power takes their survey very seriously as well.

“We’re glad that Mr. Pittman enjoys his antique car,” responded the JD Power spokesperson, “And we’ve taken steps to make sure he does not receive a survey next year.”

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