Formula 1 Game Developers Say F1 2020 Delayed–Will Release ‘Christian Horner Shit-Talking Simulator’ Instead

Citing the cancellation or delay of several races on the 2020 race calendar, Formula 1 game developers Codemasters announced a change in plans concerning their latest release. Instead of a racing game, Codemasters is set to release “Christian Horner Shit-Talking Simulator”.

Codemasters says the user in ‘CHSTS’ plays as Horner himself. The more-than twenty levels (one for each F1 race) consist of the player wandering through the pre-race paddock and making snide remarks at other F1 team employees & members of the press. The player has the choice of four pre-recorded remarks, but they may also write-in custom responses. These are texted directly to Horner himself, who judges them in exchange for rights to their use.

The levels increase in difficulty as the race season progresses. Users starts their shit-talking excursion by mocking easier opponents such as Pierre Gasly or Claire Williams. Around the German grand prix, the user begins to encounter tougher challenges such as Lando Norris or Max Verstappen. Rumors claim the final boss in Abu Dhabi to be Günther Steiner, however we could not confirm this.

The game’s end score is determined by the number of ‘shit-eating points’ the player amasses by the end of the season. Additional bonus points can be gained with gestures such as eye rolls or causal snickers, however points are deducted for unfair digs at easy targets, such as Adrian Newey.

The game is yet to be released in the United States, but early reviews from the press say it’s a worthy replacement for the originally-slated racing game. One reporter said it was sort of like Grand Theft Auto, but without any weapons. The player can only harm people verbally.

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