New Silverado HD Features 8 Cameras Including One in Cab for Taking Angry-Looking Facebook Profile Picture

DETROIT, MI — Offering perhaps the most advanced in-car camera system in the entire automotive industry, the redesigned 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD features a total of eight cameras mounted around the vehicle. The most notable is the camera in the cab, which points at the driver. It is optimized for taking angry photographs that can be used as a Facebook profile picture.

“The new Silverado HD offers 15 different viewing angles,” said a Chevrolet spokesperson wearing a black Tapout tee and oversized khaki Dickies shorts, “including a direct view of the driver’s super pissed face.”

He further explained the camera is aimed squarely at the subject’s chin to optimize the angle of the selfie.

“The technology in this camera is cutting-edge,” he continued. “It features our state-of-the-art facial recognition software, which adjusts focus when it detects polarized Oakleys. An updated version that scans for a goatee will be released in the coming months.”

General Motors claims over 75 percent of HD Silverado and Sierra buyers have used selfies taken inside their trucks as their Facebook profile picture. The remaining 25 reported they “take their pictures outside the truck.”

The feature has already proven quite popular among truck buyers, who make up a staggering 85% of dissenting comments on online news articles. Chevrolet says they invented an AI to study these comments, and then the same AI wrote all of the marketing material.

“We had to remove a lot of offensive images containing Hillary Clinton for the older demographic ads. Kind of tough getting this whole thing right without using the phrase “lock her up”, but we all have to make compromises.”

One thought on “New Silverado HD Features 8 Cameras Including One in Cab for Taking Angry-Looking Facebook Profile Picture

  1. Haha that’ll show those piece of shit ford drivers that have to take photos with their phone to post on facebook like a fuckin pleb.


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