“Wow, that million dollar Aston has no windshield!” Says Local Enthusiast, Deciding between Going Out to Dinner or Paying Rent on-Time

BOSTON–Impressed by Aston Martin’s new million-dollar windshieldless super car–but also in the doghouse after forgetting his girlfriend’s birthday–local enthusiast Todd Simmons is currently making up his mind between mending his tenuous relationship or paying rent.

“Wow, look at that” says Simmons, walking down a busy street.

“700 horsepower V12…”

Simmons feels his stomach grumbling. It’s almost lunchtime. Maybe he should skip this meal, then he would have a few extra bucks for dinner.

“Wow, only a million bucks for that thing, huh?”

He checks his Venmo account for some forlorn balance he forgot about. Ah, yes. There’s an extra thirty-three cents in there. He transfers it instantly to his checking, losing a few vital pennies in the process.

As he arrives at home, he goes through all of his jackets and pants, checking the pockets for forlorn change or bills. He finds nothing and sits down in his scantily-furnished apartment, reading more from his phone.

“Not even street legal. That’s awesome–can’t even drive it anywhere but a racetrack. I guess I would just have it trailered there.”

Then, it hits him. He gets paid tomorrow. If he can be a day late on his rent then he can take Miranda out to dinner. This could work.

He opens his phone to text his landlord, but gets sidetracked.

“Look at that big central post running through the car.”

“Miranda would hate that….”

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