“Didn’t we used to make something like that?” Says Chevy, Realizing would-be Bronco Competitor is Currently Jellybean-Shaped Camaro Doppelganger

“Seems like that new Bronco is going to sell pretty well…” said a Chevrolet executive, searching through a large stack of papers in a conference room. Other executives were seated around him, doing much the same and nodding in agreement.

“Didn’t we used to make a truck like that? What was that thing called again?”

An employee seated at the end of the table triumphantly pulled out a scrap of paper and examined it.


“Ohhhhh!” exclaimed the table of businessmen, simultaneously remembering the name of their would-be Bronco competitor.

Two employees picked their noses and compared boogers as the rest of the table sat silently in thought.

“We make a car called that!” said one of the men, standing up.

“It’s that jellybean shaped thing that looks like a Camaro!”

The table of executives once again remembered this information simultaneously and were all relieved. They then looked around at eachother quietly, expecting somebody to speak up.

“My wife got me those shoes with the strings.” said one of them, staring down at his new sneakers.



The other men leaned under the table and examined his laced footwear. They compared it to the slip-ons they were wearing. They were confused. The shoes had these sort of restraining cables running over the top of them. How did that work?

They all returned to the top-side of the table and looked around at eachother, bewildered.

“Didn’t we make the Trailblazer? That was like sort of the same thing, right?”

They all paused.

“That’s a jellybean-Shaped thing now, too. Can’t do that one.”

The men were discouraged, and they stared at the table in disappointment. A few executives glanced at an analog clock on the wall, unable to understand. A few glanced back under the table at the mysterious shoes with the restraining cables.

“Corvette it is then?”

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