Struggling Nissan Adds Individual Cigarettes to 2020 Lineup

Evidently desperate to bring new customers into their dealerships, Nissan was found to be briefly peddling loosies from their U.S. website late Sunday evening. Although the page is down now, we took a screenshot before it was changed.

We called Nissan’s PR department attempting to get a comment, but we were only met with more solicitation for individual cigarettes. When we asked the Japanese company’s representative where they got the cigarettes, they told us that they “found them”.

Some sources suggest that Nissan’s loosie campaign has taken to the streets with undercover employees peddling them on popular corners. These reports have not yet been confirmed, but several dealership owners have come forward to say they are glad that Nissan is finally trying to support them.

This story is still developing, we will update you when we know more.

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