Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Hieroglyphs of R35 GTR

GIZA, EGYPT– Late into a dig inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, archaeologists discovered the worn remnants of an ancient mural depicting the assembly of an R35 GTR. Although it is still unclear which Pharoh commissioned these paintings, they have been carbon dated to around 2400BC, during ancient Egypt’s old kingdom.

The barely visible hieroglyphs depict the vehicle itself, as well as the engine assembly process, which was done before drivetrains were put together by robots.

“It’s truly incredible we were able to find these hieroglyphs in such good condition,” said archaeologist Harry Carter. “It’s been more than four-thousand years since the R35 was released, and thanks to these paintings we can see the archaic methods by which they were produced.”

We traveled to Egypt to see these priceless hieroglyphs for ourselves, and Mr. Carter was kind enough to give us a tour of the dig. After brushing away at the paintings carefully with a brush, he uncovered the vehicles starting price.

“Wow, and look here. The glyphs under the painting say the original base price was $69,850. That’s amazing!”

Carter told us that although the GTR paintings are some of the oldest at the site, the team also found remnants of what looked like images of the Frontier and 370z.

“We can only infer that these vehicles were built alongside the kingdom’s horse drawn chariots. It’s incredible that the standard equipment on the chariots and the Nissans are still pretty similar.”

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