Genesis In Legal Turmoil After Brand’s Winter Sales Event Peddled Shaky Connection to Phil Collins

Attempting to put some pep into the brands SUVless sales, Hyundai’s Genesis brand attempted to move a few more units in early December by peddling a paper-thin connection between the Korean luxury brand and the Phil Collins-lead prog rock group of the same name from the 1970s and 80s. After enticing people to come to a local dealership ‘Tonight, Tonight, Tonight’, the brand was sued by former Genesis frontman Phil Collins, who insisted they were profiting from his work.

The Korean automaker publicly asserted this was nothing but a Misunderstanding.

“Before we even went about launching this sales event, we asked Phil Collins if there would be any trouble, but he offered No Reply At All, so we just carried on with it.”

The promotional material for the sales push clearly seemed to indicate a connection between the two entities. A billboard on Interstate 76 read that, “You would have to be in a Land of Confusion to not test drive a new G70.” Other material for the event stated that perspective buyers would be “Throwing It All Away” if they sprung for an Audi or BMW instead.

We inquired with the brand ourselves, and they continued to insist there was, “Nothing fishy going on Behind The Lines.

“So what? Phil Collins was photoshopped into a picture with a G90. We don’t think that’s a big deal.”

“We’re trying to sell cars, That’s All,” a representative told us.

“We aren’t trying to get Entangled into any legal mess whatsoever.”

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