Bring a Trailer User Given Netflix Stand-Up Special After Placing $1,957 Bid On Mercedes-Benz 300SL

GLENDALE, CA — Sourcing yet another example of undiscovered talent, Netflix offered Bring a Trailer user ShaneMiller_007 a 2-hour stand-up comedy special after the 27-year-old placed a $1,957 bid on a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing listed for auction.

“I laughed my ass off,” the seller said. “I had a million-dollar reserve on the car, but I considered lifting it and giving the guy the car because he was so clever.”

“I mean — who would’ve thought to bid a dollar value equivalent to a car’s model year?”

A Netflix representative contacted ShaneMiller_007 immediately upon hearing the news and was able to successfully negotiate a contract. His two-hour stand-up comedy special can be streamed starting early next month.

“I have some jokes that’ll knock-em dead,” Miller said. “After all, what is the deal with airline food?”

“And these Starbucks. They’re everywhere!”

In June 2019, a 1956 example sold to a Bring a Trailer user for $1,234,567, making the 300SL the most expensive vehicle ever sold on the online auction platform. Six months earlier, another example fetched a $1.1 million bid but failed to meet its reserve price.

Miller said after he gets paid for his comedy special, he plans to continue his theme of Bring a Trailer based comedy.

“I’m thinking of bidding $42,069 on a ZL1 Corvette or something. Maybe if I can buy a 911 for $80,085 I could get a series on Hulu. We’ll see.”

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