Ken Block’s Gym/Climb/Ski/Run-Khana 43 Under Production at Abandoned Russian Village Inside Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Ken Block has found another angle to his tried and true Gymkhana videos, and plans to take his 2800 hp Pratt & Whitney radial engine powered Renault Twingo into a radioactive zone.

To add to the drama, the area is currently under the control of armed Russian separatists.

We asked Block, now 77 years old, if he thought he could ever push the envelope too far.

“No way,” answered Block. “After we did donuts inside that North Korean submarine in Subkhana 28, I thought we couldn’t take it any further. But once you add live fire to the mix, it really takes my driving to a whole new level.”

Although the Twingo has been outfitted with modern safety equipment such as a five-point harness and roll cage, no real precautions have been taken to protect from hazards like lethal radiation or firearms.

When another journalist commented that there’s no way Block could survive such an endeavor, his manager only smiled, leaned over to whisper in Ken’s ear, then crossed his arms and sat back. Block then proceeded to stand up and remove the skin on his right arm, revealing a complex arrangement of electronics and bio-mechanical circuitry. Laser beams shot out of his eyes, and struck the feet of the questioning journalist. He shrieked as he stumbled backwards to avoid the intense heat.

“We don’t have the actual rallying quite right yet,” his manager told us.

“But these kind of hokey drift exhibitions are actually very simple programs.”

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