Local College Student Attends First ‘Cars and Coffee’ Without a Hangover

Local college student Anthony Green rolled over in his bed Sunday morning to discover it was 6:45am. He’d spent the previous night sober, which was a first. As he scrolled through his phone, Anthony remembered there was a Cars and Coffee today, and for the first time it didn’t feel like there was somebody standing on his head.

After walking outside to the oil-stained spot where he parked his NA Miata, he sprayed the entire engine down with Brakleen from his trunk. Following a drive through his derelict campus– passing several of his peers awakening in various roadside gutters–he arrived at the event right on time.

Bright lights, loud exhausts, and the smell of cars that will certainly not pass smog greeted the young man. Unlike before, Anthony was able to enjoy coffee. He began to see other people arrive at the meet. Ah… right. These were his friends. It was all coming back to him. 

Having spent the morning making new acquaintances, enjoying the beautiful weather, and looking at interesting cars, Anthony returned to his dorm. He found one roommate slumped over a trash can, and the other asleep on the kitchen floor. The oven light was still on, revealing the blackened remains of a dozen incinerated bagel bites. 

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