Internet Worried as Engineering Explained Posts Manic, Seven Hour Video Titled, “Magnets”

Seeming frantic & excited, Jason Fenske, custodian of the internet’s most controversial haircut and host of Youtube’s Engineering Explained, posted a barely edited, fast paced video early Tuesday evening. The video, in which Fenkse claimed he had, “figured it out”, and insisted the viewer refer to him as “cobra” has since been taken down. The only surviving record is a summary recorded by a viewer.


Said Fenske, yelling over deafening Spanish music.


Fenske, who was wearing a balaclava, began scribbling on his whiteboard in what looked like a Cyrillic language. The word ‘MAGNETS’, was arranged on the whiteboard in keys Fenkse had presumably picked off of a keyboard.

As his marker began to dry out, Fenske screeched and threw it behind the camera. He then picked up a new one and continued writing.

After the whiteboard was completely filled with illegible text, Fenske sat down in a chair and held two magnets very close to one another, swearing when they clicked together. This continued for about two hours before Fenske spoke again.

“Made a mushroom salad from stuff in the backyard.”

He held the two magnets a little closer to one another, and they snapped together.


He carefully picked them apart and slowly began moving them together again.

“Nature’s harvest. Put it all in a bowl with some ranch.”

After he finished his magnet experiment, he erased the board and began creating a diorama from krazy glue and elbow macaroni.

“This is the secret.” Fenske said, the Spanish music having changed into free-form jazz.

After three hours, Fenske had two massive magnet-shaped sculptures. He stuck toothpicks in them to represent magnetic force.

He attempted to set the sculptures on fire, staring absent-mindedly at a lighter’s flame as it failed to ignite the pasta.

After fifteen minutes had passed, Fenske had tuckered himself out and fell asleep, collapsing over his sculptures. He awoke after several hours, and regained his bearings.

After looking at his ruined pasta creations, he stood up, grabbed a bucket of water from the floor, and dumped it over himself.

He stared directly into the camera as it zoomed in tight on his face, still dripping wet.

The video then abruptly ended.

Those close to Fenske have yet to comment on the bizarre video, with Fenske himself offering no explanation of the events.

We will update you when we know more.

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