Electric Mustang SUV Suddenly Seeming Pretty Reasonable

Following the reveal of Tesla’s angular new Cybertruck, the fierce debate surrounding the Mustang Mach-E has died down to a near whisper. Seeming to mirror the political climate of the day, the controversy has been completely eclipsed by a more pressing, uglier matter. We interviewed several people outside the LA Auto Show to get their take.

“I mean, I wasn’t so sure about that electric crossover being called a Mustang,” said Tim Barron, smoking cigarette outside the convention center.

“but if it’s between that and a stainless steel doorstop? I’ll probaly take the machiato.”

Others had similar feelings.

“I thought that Mustang SUV was a joke. I wasn’t going to even consider buying one just on principle.”

“But that Tesla thing’s roofline… It’s literally obtuse.”

Many online shared similar sentiments, with users on the Ford Performance forums now perfectly content with the new electric SUV.

“I didn’t know a car company could release something that bad. I guess we’re lucky we got what we got!” said one user on a popular thread.

Most others were busy posting pictures of A-frame houses, early 3D video games, and hastily done sketches in MS Paint.

The last image in the thread was a photoshopped, “Car Design: For Dummies” book, which several users insisted Musk did not consult.

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