B/T Granted Exclusive Interview With 4 Year Old Consultant Who Designed Tesla Cybertruck

After an uneventful and uncontroversial unveiling of Tesla’s Cybertruck, B/T was granted an interview with the vehicle’s designer, Pat Hemmings. Hemmings, 4, has spent most of his life guiding crayons over construction paper in preparation for the monumental task. We sat down with him Friday to pick his brain about his magnum opus.

“Mister Must came to the house and said he wanted a truck” said Hemmings, pushing a toy Bronco over the carpet in his play room. “Dad said draw trucks and then Mister Must will make it.”

Pat’s father, Daniel Hemmings, is a Tesla employee. He told us that Musk became interested in his son’s work after seeing it pinned up in his cubicle.

“When I saw he liked it, I took all of Pat’s drawings off the refrigerator and brought them in the next day. After seeing them, Musk hired Pat on the spot.”

Hemmings told us having his son at work with him was great, as Pat and Musk had a lot in common.

“They talked about how icky girls are, their love of spaceships, and how great nap time at work is. They both agreed they wanted to be astronauts when they grew up.”

Extracting Pat’s design philosophy was difficult. As excited as he was about the truck, he had trouble putting his finger on the pulse of the design.

“I said I wanted a quad on the back, and Mister Must said that was awesome! Then I said the whole thing should be bulletproof. In case you get in a gunfight! He said that was cool!”

Hemmings also included that he helped develop the vehicle’s interior, saying the dashboard was designed using only a yardstick and a purple crayon.

Although Hemmings refused to go into specific details about the truck’s development, he did say he is releasing a five page, hand-illustrated picture book of the story. Teslarati.com called an early draft “positively riveting”, while the New York Times said it was, “Shit”.




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