Toyota Adds Left Lane Keep Assist To Prius

LOS ANGELES, CA — Making great strides in autonomous vehicle technology, Toyota announced at the Los Angeles auto show the Prius will now include a feature that helps drivers avoid venturing out of the left lane.

“The system scans the road ahead and determines if there is an available lane to the driver’s left side,” a spokesperson said. “If a faster vehicle is approaching, it instantaneously alerts the driver so he may occupy the left lane before that vehicle passes.”

Toyota says the decision to debut this feature in the Prius is supported by extensive market research.

“I drive to maximize fuel efficiency, which is why I bought a Prius,” said owner Linda Benson. “The left lane of the freeway is the best place to do this because I can keep a constant speed of 55 and never have to brake for slower drivers.”

“55 is usually below the speed limit, but that’s what ‘limit’ means, right?”

The new technology debuts alongside radar-guided cruise control, and the two systems work simultaneously.

“When the Prius is safely positioned in the left lane, it will detect if another vehicle approaches from behind,” the spokesperson explained. “The Prius will slow down accordingly and return to its cruising speed once that vehicle is no longer behind it.”

“Also, feel free to text, paint your nails, eat, shave, or do whatever while you’re there. The lane assist will keep you on track.”

At press time, Toyota had hinted the feature may soon be available in the Camry and Sienna as well.

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