Jerry Seinfeld Announces New Netflix Series, “Comedians In Cars Congratulating Eachother for Being Rich”

Following up the success of his popular Netflix series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”, legendary TV funny-man Jerry Seinfeld announced a new series this week. A spinoff of his original Netflix hit, the new series is titled, “Comedians In Cars Congratulating Eachother For Being Rich”.

According to sources inside Netflix, the idea was hatched during the “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” episode with Alec Baldwin. Seinfeld came up with the new series after both men agreed that if one of them produced the Oscars, the other should host it.

After this idea was mentioned, many producers at Netflix allegedly felt that it was best to cut to the chase and lose the jokes.

Instead of diners, cafes, and coffee houses, the new series will take place in some of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants on the planet. The guests will also not exclusively be comedians, either. Among a list of leaked guests is former President Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates, and the two guys who were watching Jeffrey Epstein the night he was m- committed suicide.

Clips of the first episode with Mark Cuban show him and Seinfeld spitting on the helpless waitstaff, and declaring their $200 lamb chops “fucking slop”. Near the middle of the episode Seinfeld says, “Do you like this restaurant? Let me buy you this restaurant.” Cuban responds in much the same manner, saying he wishes to buy the Restaurant for Seinfeld as well. They resolve their quandary by pulling apart a one hundred dollar bill to see who gets the bigger half.

The cars are said to remain mostly the same, except a different young adult drowning in various types of debt chauffeurs Seinfeld and his friends to the exclusive locations. He or she receives constant verbal abuse from the guests, which Seinfeld encourages. On the upside, drivers are also given a chance to get all of their debt forgiven by Seinfeld. If they are willing to place an apple on their head while the famous comedian attempts to shoot it with a 18th century smoothbore dueling pistol, he will consider it.

The series currently has no release date, with Seinfeld stating in a leaked episode that he may just eat the multi-million dollar cost of the show so that he can be the only one to ever see it. The guest on the episode, Chevy Chase, agreed that would be a good move, and congratulated Seinfeld on having such a brilliant idea.

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