Elizabeth Warren Surges In Polls After Pledging to Import Suzuki Jimny

Presidential hopeful and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren saw a spike in her support late Tuesday evening after promising the American public that the Suzuki Jimny will come to the United States on Twitter. This pledge comes after months of pressure from countless members of the automotive community, who insist they have twenty thousand dollars burning a hole in their pocket. Although the announcement may seem to come out of the blue, Warren has been very aggressive on Twitter over posts concerning the small Japanese truck.

The initial announcement was reasonably vanilla, but some of Warren’s past comments about the vehicle were much more controversial.

Many of Warren’s supporters voiced their concerns in replies, however the messages seemed to fall upon deaf ears.

We reached out to Warren’s campaign for comment earlier in the month, and although her office told us the bill may be reconsidered, the senator could still be seen making Jimny related tweets for most of that day.

This story is still developing. We will update you as we know more.

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