Ferrari Unveils Limited-Edition Hypercar You Can’t Buy Unless You Own Five Other Collector Ferraris And Kidnap Toto Wolff

MARANELLO– In an effort to maintain the exclusivity of their brand, Ferrari revealed a track-only, ultra-high-performance supercar on Monday. The Italian marque says it is only available to customers who currently own five of the company’s most collectible models, and sign an agreement that they will kidnap Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff and bring him safely to Ferrari’s headquarters.

“This vehicle is intended for purchase only by our most loyal and dedicated customers,” a Ferrari spokesperson said. “We created these requirements to ensure the car does not find an unworthy owner.”

The mandatory five-vehicle collection is restricted to limited-production models and special editions. Common Ferrari models, such as the Portofino and the standard 458, do not qualify.

The kidnapping, however, is much less restrictive. The contract states little more than that Wolff must arrive at Ferrari’s headquarters unharmed (within reason) and mentally stable.

“We will immediately set him free after we extract all of his relevant knowledge,” the spokesperson said. “We will only keep him for as long as he refuses to talk.”

The vehicle is allegedly a track-only, lightened version of the blisteringly quick 812 Superfast, and is thus not road-legal. However, unlike the 812, its production will be significantly limited.

“There will be no more than one unit produced,” the spokesperson said. “Or maybe a few more for other high ranking team members, but the official number will be one regardless.”

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