Local Enthusiast Unsure If Driver of Red Countach Matt Farah or Just Some Bald Guy

VENICE BEACH–Trying to remember if Matt Farah lives around here, tourist Frank Morrow was struggling early Tuesday morning to get close enough to a red Lamborghini Countach, attempting to surmise whether the driver was indeed Matt Farah.

“It doesn’t have the ugly side skirts.. I remember he said that on Twitter…” Morrow muttered to himself.

“Just a little closer”

He stared at the red Countach that was stopped a few cars ahead of him in the adjacent lane. He could see a faint shimmer of light reflecting off of the driver’s head.

He looked at the traffic light, waiting impatiently for it to turn green. It changed, and he quickly attempted to pass the cars ahead of him, the rental Kia’s engine straining as it caught up to the Lamborghini.

As he pulled up next to the car, he could see it all coming together. The sunglasses were right, the arm grasping the steering wheel was adorned by a trendy watch. He squinted as the glare was reflected from the sun, onto his rental Kia, onto the mans head, and back into his eyes. It all appeared to him in a blurry slow motion. The man turned his head… glancing over to see who was pacing next to him.

Mr. Morrow looked over intently.


He looked over again, producing a beleagured thumbs up.

“Hey, nice car man!”

It was just Bruce Willis.

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