Honda Announces New ‘Mr. Regular’ Voice for Onboard Infotainment Systems

Responding to popular demand, Honda announced Monday afternoon they would be adding the voice of ‘Mr. Regular’ to their onboard navigation and entertainment systems. Mr. Regular is known for the popular YouTube channel Regular Car Reviews, which posts what most would simply describe as ‘quirky’ car reviews on a regular basis.

Although they have yet to release any previews of the audio, a representative from Honda was tasked with answering all of our questions.

What was the most difficult part about recording all of the necessary sound bytes?

“In total, we recorded around twelve hours of raw audio to process. About eleven of those hours were gutteral noises, and deep, incoherent mumbling. We wanted to tell him to stop, but we were afraid he would back out of the recording if we told him to.”

“So we just let him do it.”

Was there anything besides mumbling and grumbling the team had to edit out?

“Yes. We had to record the response to a user inserting a USB cable several times. He kept making nearly incoherent references to things that… frankly are a little shocking for this interview.”

Did ‘The Roman’ have any part in the recordings?

“Yeah, he did. He insisted on writing short pieces of music that would play when the car was started. They actually weren’t bad, so we’re keeping a selection of them as an optional extra.”

When can we expect the new voice update to be released?

“The first cars to receive the voice, per the channel’s request, will be the next generation Fit. Mr. Regular requested repeatedly that only brown cars get the special voice option, but we couldn’t oblige.”

“He seemed to be enamored by the word brown. Do you guys know why? He just kept saying ‘BROWN’.”

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