Enthusiasts Outraged After Party City Releases ‘Ghost of Saab’ Halloween Costumes

Party City came under fire on social media Saturday afternoon after it aired a television ad for “Ghost of Saab” Halloween costumes. The ad contained several costumes designed to look like now defunct Saab models. Although it has been pulled from the air, a transcript has been supplied by a vigilant reader.

According to our source, the narrator spoke in a ‘spooky voice’ during the entire advertisement. After getting through the first round of conventional costumes, the Saab costumes began.

A person dressed as a greyscale 1986 Saab 900 turbo appeared on the screen. Its headlights were covered by large Xs to signify its untimely departure. “Ooooh! it’s the spoooooooky nine-hundred turbo! Don’t you wish you could buy a modern version? Oooooh very scary! Just think of the cupholders it would’ve had! Oooooh!”

A little depressed, we continued to read.

“And look! It’s the ghostly 9-2x Aero! How unnerving! It was like a better looking WRX hatch, and with none of the Subaru baggage! It doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia article! Oooooooh, how terrifying!”

Our source indicates the two people wearing the ghoulish 9-2x aero costume both looked thrilled, as the costume’s hatch was full of candy. We were not thrilled, but we progressed down the page.

“Now the grand finale! Ooooh look how awful! It’s the chilling ’01 9-3 Viggen! I have goosebumps just seeing it! Ooooooh, and look! It’s just one of 285 five doors brought into the US that year! Ahhh it’s so eerie I just can’t b-“

At this point, we closed the computer.

We did not want to read about any more Saab costumes.

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