Has Cancel Culture Gone Too Far? GM Announces They’re Cancelling Employee’s Health Insurance

DETROIT– Citing difficulties in talks with the UAW, GM CEO Mary Barra was met with criticism earlier this week after suspending striking GM Employees health insurance. Many on the web are citing this as one of the negative consequences of ‘cancel culture’.

B/T attended a GM press conference to get the details of the controversy.

“We understand concerns for our employee’s well-being,” Barra said in a statement.

“However, we found some unsettling, discriminatory statements on the insurance company’s Twitter from 2010. It is simply in solidarity with those disparaged that we made this decision.”

“And what were those statements?” a reporter exclaimed from the back of the room.

Barra gave a tired look to the man.

“The insurance company said… It said uhhh….”

She searched around the stage, giving a pleading look to those assembled behind her.

“It said that short people…. It said that short women… It said they’re not the best at reaching high shelves! At least, not without a stool!”

The press room grew quiet as the reporters scanned the statement for controversy.

“They also said…”

Barra massaged her temples, and could be seen snapping her fingers below the podium, attempting to recall the statements.

“They also said ketchup was a disgusting condiment! They said it smells like shit, it looks like shit, and it tastes like shit! They said it isn’t natural; the color ketchup is. They said it’s all corn syrup… and vinegar! And red dye number four!”

“And they said Die Hard is a Christmas movie!”

The assembled press pool erupted with activity as Barra continued to rattle off more and more unimportant, yet extremely controversial things.

“And they said a hot dog is a sandwich! And that boneless wings are better than bone-in!”





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