Supra Chief Engineer Hints Toyota Might Make A New Sports Car, Could be Mid-Engined, Perhaps With Another Automaker, Maybe With A Manual Transmission, at Some Point In The Future

NAGOYA– In a recent interview conducted with Tetsuya Tada, the Japanese engineer revealed details of a plausible new mid-engined sports car by Toyota. After developing both the Supra and the GT86, he thinks there’s space for one more vehicle.

“We want to make a new MR2, of course we do. However, it is hard. Toyota can not just  make something ‘cool’ without outside help.”

We asked Mr. Tada to give us details of this outside assistance.

“We do not know who would work with us. Not many regular companies make mid-engined cars anymore.”

So who would they want to work with?

“It could be anybody. It could be Honda, Audi, Ford, Nissan, Chevrolet….”

Mr. Tada continued to name every auto manufacturer currently producing a car at this point in time.

“Could even be somebody like Starbucks, or DeWalt.”

We paused for a moment, but did not ask him to clarify.

What is the timeline like for releasing such a car?

“We first must find a willing partner, and then we will begin working on the vehicle. That could be in nine months, or in ninety years. Somewhere in that timeline.”

We nodded apprehensively.

“The MR2 has not been on the market for twelve years. We do not know anything about making these sorts of cars anymore. We’re sort of having this… Mid-life crisis now, where we have to do cool things, you know?”

A manual transmission exists for the B58 in the Supra, it bolts right up. Will the new Supra get a manual transmission?

“At some point it might. Maybe we will have to find a company to collaborate with on our own transmission, perhaps Mercedes, or IKEA. Do you want a manual transmission in the new Supra?”

We nodded.

“We think it might be possible to do this, maybe in the future sometime. Perhaps we will get it from BMW, maybe not. If we do get it for this car, it may be cheaper, or maybe more expensive.”

“I will keep dragging the automotive press around by a leash until then.”





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