Audi Issues Cease And Desist Order Against GMC For “Tailgate Like A Pro” Ad Campaign

HERNDON, VA — Protecting their valuable intellectual property, Audi have reportedly issued a ‘cease and desist’ order against GMC for their “Tailgate Like A Pro” slogan featured in recent Sierra advertisements.

“We will not tolerate the unauthorized usage of any form of the word ‘tailgate’ by other automakers,” said an in-house Audi attorney. “It is an integral, proprietary part of our brand identity.”

GMC publicly announced Wednesday they have received the demand and chosen to disregard it. We were granted an interview with Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl.

“After reading the letter, it is clear Audi has a fundamental misunderstanding of what a multi-functional tailgate is,” she said. “They seem to believe it is a driving maneuver, not a vehicle component.”

Audi’s legal division was reportedly furious at GMC’s decision to continue with the advertising campaign.

“GMC’s failure to heed our warning shows wanton disregard for our intellectual property,” the attorney said. “We will be proceeding with further legal action.”

The attorney steadfastly refused to disclose what sort of additional legal action they intend to purse against GMC.

Audi has threatened similar legal action in the past. According to sources, the German marque entered a legal dispute with Rockstar Games over the Obey Tailgater, a fictional vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto V based loosely on the 2004-2011 Audi A6. Rockstar games ultimately prevailed, shielded by exceptions in copyright law that allow for parodies.

“Although we did not emerge as the victor in that lawsuit, we feel it was successful in other ways,” the attorney said. “We sent a message to other car firms that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.”

One thought on “Audi Issues Cease And Desist Order Against GMC For “Tailgate Like A Pro” Ad Campaign

  1. Got stuck behind an old A4 yesterday driving 15 in a 40 for over 5 miles. They were the ones being tailgated. Checkmate, libtards.


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