Porsche Clarifies Base Taycan, Ten Thousand AAA Batteries Sold Separately

ATLANTA, GA — Complying with federal disclaimer requirements, Porsche issued a statement Wednesday that the ten thousand AAA batteries required to power the base Taycan are not included with purchase, but rather sold separately.

“This decision allows us to keep prices down,” a Porsche spokesperson said. “The additional weight of the batteries would have caused shipping costs to skyrocket.”

The spokesperson confirmed more upmarket trim levels of the Taycan will include rechargeable batteries as standard and be priced higher to compensate for increased manufacturing costs.

Porsche claims the battery installation process can be performed in minutes and with little effort.

“The battery cover is located on the bottom of the car,” an engineer said. “It is a standard plastic cover, like on a remote. It’s held on by three screws, which are removable with a standard Phillips screwdriver. Please try not to strip them.”

The spokesperson later added,  “A Porsche branded titanium screwdriver is included with purchase of a base Taycan.”

“Only one. Another screwdriver is a $1400 optional extra.” 



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