Area Enthusiast Enthralled by Absolutely Mint ’87 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

CHICAGO– Out for a morning drive, local enthusiast Charles Watkins says he was totally blindsided. Turning a corner, he saw what turned out to be a 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue in absolutely pristine condition.

“My first question was… ‘Why?’ Shortly followed by… ‘How?'”.

“Looked like it just rolled off the factory floor in the eighties. Absolutely ridiculous. All the chrome was like a mirror, the plastic was all in perfect shape, not cracked or dried out…”

“I had to go home and get my camera. I came back and started taking shots I could get framed.”

Sources around Mr. Watkins indicate an exotic car cruise came down the street at the same time, which Watkins noticed, but carried on photographing the Chrysler.

When asked for comment, Mr. Watkins was quoted as saying, “Yeah, no shit those cars are all mint. Like I haven’t seen enough of that on Instagram?”

“Look at the wheels!” Watkins exclaimed, squatting down low with his DSLR to take a picture.

“Those must be the original whitewalls.”

“Even the vinyl roof is still perfect!”

Sources indicated Watkins was still lingering fifteen minutes later, giddy with excitement over the car’s flawless factory red pinstriping.

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