Influencer’s Abused McLaren Dreaming Of Storage In Packed Garage Collecting Dust

A YouTuber’s McLaren 720S revealed to us at a local influencer meetup that life isn’t going exactly the way it had planned. This realization came after the removal of its 7th iridescent wrap, which caused the car to question why it had to be sold to this guy, and couldn’t just be collecting dust in a garage somewhere. 

“After sitting on a dealership lot for two weeks I was approached by a young man wearing a snapback holding a camera claiming I was ‘fire'” the 720S recounted. 

“Before I knew it, I was driving down the highway with cameras suction cupped to my windshield, while a car with a young man leaning out the window chased me” 

“I arrived at a parking lot where these men began to circle me while crouching, in some sort of attempt to sneak up on me. They used my USB port to charge something called a ‘jewel’ and chased me with a drone while slowly driving around a parking lot.” 

“The man wearing the snapback leaned up against my front fender and spoke to the camera, ‘What’s up fam! This is my new 720S and I plan on driving this thing everywhere! Probably gonna mod, wrap it, and take it to the track! Make sure you like, subscribe, and also smash that bell!’” 

“I thought, what does he mean mods and a wrap? This was not how things were supposed to go. Back in the McLaren factory, I met an F1 who told me I’d barely get driven. I lusted for a life collecting dust in a garage, hooked up to a trickle charger.”

“It’s been 27 days since I was picked up from the McLaren Dealership. It’s hard to remember everything that’s happened since my ECU got flashed. I have a new exhaust now, which melted part of my engine cover. My new wheels are too large, which is causing my interior to shake apart.”

“At least I don’t have as bad as my new friend, ‘R32’ from Japan.”

“Although he has a thick accent, I was able to discern that he is something called a project. Our owner uses him to practice using tools and invites friends over to work on him. Last time I saw him, he was preparing to do something called drifting.”

“My owners’ been talking a lot about this other car called the C8. Supposedly it’s a big deal and he wants to trade me in to get 4 of them. I hope his dad just buys him one so I can sit here in the garage collecting dust. Anything not to end up in a Chevy dealership. I think I would rather have coolant in my oil before that happened.”


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