Montana License Plate Homesick After Three Years With Ferrari 488 In California

Nostalgic for a simpler lifestyle in its home state, Montana license plate FGU 467 admitted it has begun to feel homesick after spending three years affixed to a Ferrari 488 belonging to southern California resident Kyle Erskine.

“I was excited when I found out I’d be working in California,” the plate said. “I figured it would be a fantastic, exciting adventure.”

“It has been,” the plate admitted, “but I’m ready to go back where I belong.”

Erskine is a lifelong resident of California. His rich travel history includes such destinations as Monaco, Mykonos, and Honolulu, but he has yet to venture into the state of Montana.

“I’m owned by Kyle’s LLC,” the plate said. “He paid fifty bucks to be able to have me.”

“At first, I was flattered someone would pay to have me on his Ferrari, but now I realize he’s a total cheapskate and I’m just a way for him to save a few bucks.”

Erskine is one of many exotic car owners who register their vehicles in Montana to avoid the higher taxes, registration fees, and inspection requirements of their home states. Several states, including California, have recently passed laws to combat the practice.

“I hope that’s my ticket home,” the plate said. “I’ll miss my friends though.”

Erskine often displays his 488 at car shows, which has given the plate the opportunity to befriend others from Montana.

“I can’t relate to these California plates, though. It’s like they’re from a different planet. They just sit in air-conditioned garages all day. I want to be out in the world.”

Erskine, like most Ferrari owners, does not use his 488 as a daily driver. The car has accumulated just 1,100 miles after three years of ownership.

“I’m going crazy,” the plate said. “I just sit around and do nothing all day. I can’t take it.”

“Lately I’ve been dreaming of being part of a family back in Montana,” the plate said. “I think I’d even rather be there with a Dodge Grand Caravan than here in California on a Ferrari.”

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