Next-Generation Porsche 911 GT3 To Feature Value Inflation Gauge As Standard

STUTTGART — Offering a simple way for collectors to monitor their investments, Porsche confirmed that the upcoming 992 generation of the 911 GT3 will feature a gauge that displays the vehicle’s inflated secondhand market value in real time.

The meter will be standard equipment on all GT3 models. In typical Porsche fashion, it can be specced in a variety of colors and materials, some of which cost several thousand dollars extra.

The instrument gathers data from many sources. Its ability to detect the vehicle’s location, for instance, enables it to determine whether its careless owner has decided to drive his track-oriented performance car at a circuit. It then decreases the value readout in real time.

“What sort of imbecile would use a track-focused version of an already high-performance car in such a reckless manner?” A spokesperson scoffed.

The gauge also enables the car to access data pertaining to recent sales. From there, it employs intricate algorithms to determine how many tens of thousands of dollars above MSRP the investment has accrued.

Crucially, the gauge is placed within eyeshot of the GT3’s other more traditional displays. Porsche claims this was an intentional decision.

“Serious Porsche owners are shown more relevant information than ever before,” the spokesperson said. “In addition to more conventional readouts, the GT3 displays tire pressure, brake fade, and instant market value.”

Porsche also confirmed the gauge will be included on the upcoming 992 GT3RS, but declined to comment on whether any other special editions of the 911 would be equipped with it.

“Nein, we can neither confirm or deny the future existence of other GT variants of the 911,” the spokesperson sternly declared. “That is not public information at this time.”

At press time, sources say several owners of the highly sought-after 911R were attempting to retrofit the meter to their dashboards, while others claimed they would never risk the value of their cars with such a modification.

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