Fisker Announces Electric SUV For $40k, Implying You May One Day Be Able To Buy It

Fisker Automotive’s namesake Henrik Fisker released teaser images on Thursday for the brand’s new electric SUV. The news comes after the brand was resuscitated in 2014 to the beat of Staying Alive, and millions of Chinese dollars. Along with a teaser image, the designer also announced the purchase price; forty grand. This of course makes the completely safe assumption you may one day be able to actually buy one.

Sources at Fisker paint a somewhat hazy picture of what is actually going on, however. According to our sources, the Fisker facility employs about twenty people, only two of which are working on the car.

A short, unclear cellphone video showed about eighteen employees on the roof. Accompanying these employees are about a dozen pigs, and aerofoils of various size and dimension. The short video seems to show pigs with wings strapped to them being prepared to leap from the roof, but the video ends before any pig can actually be seen gliding to presumed safety.

Fisker himself has denied the validity of this video publicly, claiming on Twitter that they have only so far tried thousands of helium balloons.



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