New Porsche Buyer Informs Nobody Of His Purchase

B/T received an email Monday detailing a story from a subscriber who’s close friend bought a Porsche. According the subscriber, his friend bought the brand new vehicle and didn’t tell anybody about it.

“My buddy James went down to the dealership a few weeks ago and bought a brand new 911 Targa. He was talking for months about getting one and we went there a few times to sniff around.”

“The only reason I knew is because I helped him pick it out”

He continued, “He texted me when he got it, and apparently didn’t tell anyone else. The other day we were at work and one of the guys asked him if he got a new car. He said he did. He said he got a new sports car after looking at them a while.”

” ‘Sports car’. That’s what he said. Didn’t even say it was a Porsche. Didn’t say anything about having an engine in the back, or having a flat six.”

“He doesn’t even say that the rear seats are ‘not as tight as you think’.”

“He never brings it up in conversation either, he didn’t even buy a Porsche jacket or baseball cap. Whenever we have to take more than a few people anywhere, he just says there isn’t enough room in his car. When people ask why, he says his car is full of stuff.”

“He always leaves our office last too. Just so people don’t know it’s his.”




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