Chrysler Announces New ‘West Philly’ Package 300

AUBURN HILLS—Chrysler announced Monday that they will be releasing a special edition of the 300 that will only be sold in West Philadelphia. As opposed to their ‘300C’ or ‘300S’ models, Chrysler claims this new model will be called the ‘300J’. J they say, stands for “jawn”.

Although 21″ wheels are standard, the “three hundred jawn” can come optionally with vastly larger wheel arches to accommodate bespoke 30″ alloys. They are calling this the “donk” package. Both wheel options are chrome as standard.

Chrysler tells us that they went through extensive work on the car’s windows as well. The windows are tinted pitch black from the factory, and the drivers side window is fixed in the ‘down’ position. They say this is both to discourage thieves from breaking the cars windows, and because most 300 drivers in Philadelphia rarely have their left arm inside the vehicle.

Ending the release, the Detroit automaker claims that by removing other “useless” features like the car’s blinkers, mirrors, and muffler (“because it will be removed anyway”), the new 300J actually discounts the car’s price by several hundred dollars.

Chrysler hopes that these efforts will, “Put all the wheel and tire shops on Roosevelt out of business.”

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